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Vibratory Conveyors

Electro Mechanical Conveyors

Electro Mechanical Conveyors

Approx. Rs 50,000 / Piece

Electromechanical Vibratory Conveyors are powered by two unbalance motors which rotate in opposite directions. These types of feeders can be supplied in two types viz. trough type and tubular type depending on the type of application and material being conveyed.

Trough type conveyors
These types of electromechanical vibratory conveyors are suitable where the material conveyed is granular in nature comprising of medium / large size lumps and where fine powder content / dust is minimum. However, if required, the trough can be provided with a co-oscillating cover in order to prevent dust generated due to vibrations from escaping into the surrounding environment. In cases where the material conveyed is extremely abrasive in nature, the provided with abrasive resistant liners. These liners are fixed to the main trough by means of countersunk bolts.

Tubular Conveyors
These types of electromechanical vibratory conveyors are strongly recommended where the material conveyed has a high proportion of fines with a tendency to form dust during vibrations. A detachable lid is provided at both the ends of the tube to facilitate cleaning as and when required. Inlet and outlet nozzles with suitable flanges are provided. The inlet and outlet nozzles can be easily connected to the client's preceeding and succeeding equipment by means of flexible bellows, which also seals these points.


Vibratory Conveyors

Vibratory Conveyors

Approx. Rs 20,000 / Piece

ORTON make Vibratory Conveyors find wide application in cement plants, steel plants, fertilizer industries, pharmaceutical industries, glass industry etc, where controlled feeding of material is required. These conveyors have proved their reliability in transporting bulk material over limited distances.

Depending on requirement and applications vibrating conveyors are available in electromagnetic and electromechanical types. Electromagnetic vibratory conveyors make use of an electromagnetic drive for generation of vibrations whereas electromechanical vibratory conveyors are powered by two unbalance motors rotating in opposite directions. Electromagnetic vibrators are used in applications where stepless variation of feed rate from 0-100% is required. On the other hand electromechanical vibrators are used where the feed rate is not required to be changed frequently during operation or where a relatively constant feed rate is required.

Electromagnetic Conveyors

Electromagnetic Conveyors

Approx. Rs 40,000 / Piece

Electromagnetic Conveyors are equipped with electromagnetic drives which generate vibrations required for conveying of material. The electromagnetic drives are robust in construction with very high reliability factor. These conveyors come with a specially designed controller required for operation of the electromagneic conveyor. These controllers convert the input AC supply voltage into pulsating DC output which results in generation of vibrations. A thyristor such as a silicon controlled rectifier is used for this purpose. The firing angle of the SCR can be varied steplessly using a potentiometer or an analogous electrical signal / PLC signal from an external command variable unit, which in turn increases / decreases the amplitude of vibrations thereby controlling the output of the conveyor as required.

As in the case of electromechanical feeders depending on the material conveyed, the conveyors can be supplied in two types viz. trough type and tubular type. Suitable liners in case of trough conveyors are provided where severely abrasive materials are handled as in the case of electromechanical conveyors.

Advantages :
Isolation Of Vibrations
It is of prime importance to isolate the generated vibrations from the surroundings such as the mounting structures of the Vibrating units. This is achieved mounting the conveyor on specially designed helical springs. The spring design varies for electromechanical and electromagnetic drives. The type of spring used also depends on the rpm of the motor chosen. Depending on the requirement, the conveyors can be supplied in base mounting arrangement or suspension mounting arrangement.

Trough Conveyors

Trough Conveyors

Approx. Rs 20,000 / Piece

We are offering to our valued customers a supreme quality range of Trough Conveyors. Trough Conveyors Consists of Belt, conveyors as per the layout and application because of its capability of handling higher tonnage overlong distance at lower cost than any other type of conveyor.

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